Cyntia (January 2023)

Our daughter , Amélie, was diagnosed with focal epilepsy at the age of 6 weeks. she is now one and a half years old, since then she has been symptom-free, but she is hypotonic (loose muscle tone), which is probably why she develops more slowly than the average in terms of gross motoric and fine motoric development.
In addition to early development and Dévény gymnastics, we started bioresonance treatment, the machine immediately recognized the problems that physiotherapists also had told us.
After one bio resonance treatment, Amélie’s development started to boom! She started to be much more active, started to move more, thus getting stronger, as a result of which her fine motor skills and cognitive development also visibly improved, not only for us, but also the physiotherapists absolutely experienced this. Amélie could not crawl properly 2 months ago or stand without holding onto something … now, she crawls regularly and quickly, she stands more stable, even without holding on… and she can walk much more skillfully.
All in 2 months!


I went for a bioresonance examination because I was tired and 3 months ago there were more specifically painful lymph node swellings at my ankles, I could barely walk away from it. They passed after 1 week and then reappeared. In the meantime, my panic disorder came up again, from which I suffered greatly. During treatment, it turned out that my lymphatic system was inflamed, I had insulin resistance. I have a lot of toxins in my body. I was very stressed both physically and nervously.
It took me 1.5 months to process this info and actually start dealing with it. I detoxified, paid attention to the meal. I got a lot of help from the therapist in this and most importantly, my long lasting panic disorder started to heal and after about 4 times my problems completely resolved.

Attila (16 years old)

Mother: My little son has reached adolescence. He became tired and aloof, which a parent might even attribute to adolescence. From which he realized that this was not natural, and that it was not associated with adolescence, that he was depressed and had panic symptoms, he slept a lot and had a headache.
When I took her for this bioresonance treatment, it turned out she had a strong iron deficiency even though she was constantly taking iron. I received a lot of advice on how to deal with the problem.
After the first treatment, the child started to open up to me.
After the second time, all his anxiety symptoms and panic symptoms were gone. His fatigue continued to settle. This made everyone more open to half and a happier child.


I have been an autoimmune patient for 50 years. Known: rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism, vitiligo.
In Szeged, they were examined by clinical doctors and treated with drugs. Western medicine did not help my recovery much, in fact, 10 years ago at the age of 57 I had a visit to a doctor-naturopath with candidiasis problems in Bp. However, my biggest underlying problem is my very sensitive mucosa. Because of this, my body is hypersensitive to all infections and additives.
I have been dealing with my health a lot since then, but in which I consider this bioresonance energy measurement and treatment to be a distinct advantage over other measurements and post-treatments, I have received a very detailed and all-encompassing (even emotional) set of information that I have never encountered anywhere before. , in addition, additional problems were identified.
His methods of healing — physical, spiritual, helped my healing.
After the bioresonance treatments, I definitely felt that I felt much better. Our conversations helped me to further improve my condition as they were related to my personal mental and eu problems.

György Belső

I recently visited Ágnes Yom-Tov, a naturopath who deals (also) with bioresonance diagnostics and treatment. To the best of my knowledge, the computerized health check is world-class, and its equipment itself is capable of detecting and treating latent lesions, which can save significant costs and time compared to tests performed for similar purposes (in hospitals and clinics).
Thanks for!

Margit Tóth

During her measurement, Agnes showed that it is definitely worth visiting a family doctor, as it can be a thyroid problem. The GP referred him to the appropriate hospital, where (unfortunately) this suspicion was confirmed and the appropriate medications were provided. I am grateful to Agnes for doing such a thorough job!

Zoltán Iványosi Szabó

I am very glad to meet Ági because I made her healthier.
His insights into what he does with the help of a bioresonance machine embarrass modern medical diagnostics. During the examinations, he indicated that I had a problem with my teeth even though I went to my dentist regularly and diligently. I thought you were wrong. Yet what he indicated was unfortunately later confirmed, because a hidden caries caused the problem, which was invisible to the naked eye and barely detectable on the X-ray.
I think he does a great job, he is extremely conscientious and considerate. I can only recommend it to anyone whose health is important and who later wants to spend the rest of their life ill in medical offices and hospitals.

Erika Nagy

Last year, I came across a friend of Yom-Tov Àgnes who offered to take me. I didn’t know about bioresonance, but it’s okay, because you don’t really have to know or believe in it here, because he told me everything in great detail. In such a wonderful way I had my part and all the current problems came to light immediately.
Not only organic but also spiritual problems came to light that I never would have thought that bioresonance can do that and that it is important to me, and how important it is because it starts on a psychic basis and has changed my attitude towards life!
I wanted to quit smoking and this bioresonance made it possible to make a cigarette. Nicotine deficiency decreased and I did not extract nicotine. Interestingly, only the actor and the habit of the movement itself were missing. Naturally, I fought with myself, but it’s shocking how much it made my job easier!
In Ågi, I found not only a great therapist, but also a life-orientating person who mentioned everything else but the sick. Which is what hinders us from being healthy and with great dedication we researched the solution together for hours.
I am very glad to recommend you to try this extraordinary and useful trip.

Krisztina Tusai

I know the method of bioresonance before because I try to live health-consciously and put a lot of emphasis on prevention and alternative medicine. That’s why I went to Ági for a bioresonance condition survey, I wanted to know how effective I am doing and what else I can do.
The first survey revealed that candida fungi are present in alarming amounts in my body and my immune system is also in ruins. It was then that I realized that many of my unpleasant symptoms were mainly due to these. With the help of bioresonance and Ági’s insights, I recognized the problem and started eating on a special diet. In addition to the treatments, Ági also recommended natural dietary supplements and homeopathic preparations to supplement the cure, which helped detoxify and continuously break down the fungi. In addition to nutrition, I also placed great emphasis on understanding with me during treatments how important it is for my health to be in harmony on a psychic (emotional, mental) level, and how the constant high levels of stress affect my body. It came just in time !!! I went to the treatments every week, every two weeks and my results got better and better!
Thanks to his expertise and exceptional attention, my well-being improved significantly after 3 months, I used stress relief techniques and the amount of fungi in my body also decreased significantly. I heartily recommend it to everyone!