BIOPTRON technology is now widely used and accepted in healing as a user-friendly, effective, non-pharmaceutical medical device. More than 15 years of clinical trials worldwide have proven to be a very effective adjunctive therapy in the conservative treatment of acute and chronic injuries and postoperative wounds.

Every human body is made up of several trillion cells. All health disorders are reflected at the cellular level. The severity of the problem is affected by the nature of the cells. Because our body is intelligent, it can self-regenerate if it receives the right support, which is biostimulation here.

Bioptron light therapy is a great help in these processes. Light activates the biochemical and enzymatic chain reaction with electrochemical energy at a depth of about 2.5 cm and at a surface level. It increases cell activity and increases epithelial production, stimulates and relieves the body, so the immune response also increases.

Bioptron Light and Color Therapy is used by veterinarians, beauty salons, spas, health clinics and hospitals worldwide.

How often should the Bioptron lamp be used?
The treatment lasts 6-8 minutes as many times as needed. The Bioptron lamp is not a miracle lamp either, so depending on the severity of the problem, serious changes are expected after 5-10 times.

When can you see the first signs of improvement?
Usually, it depends on the type of problem, how long it has been up and the age of the person is also determining.

The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is a worldwide patented medical light therapy device. It emits light similar to the electromagnetic spectrum that does not contain UV rays.

Bioptron light therapy can be used as an adjunct to traditional medical treatments.

BIOPTRON Light Therapy can help:

  • Pain relief (improves blood circulation in the capillaries) various muscle and joint pains, rheumatism, shoulder and neck pain muscle cramps, etc.
  • The body’s regeneration and self-healing processes are revived.
  • Supports wound healing – Bioptron light allows light to penetrate not only into the upper layers of the skin, but also into the underlying, deeper tissues, so light therapy promotes skin healing and reduces other unpleasant associated symptoms associated with skin complaints.
  • Scar tissue, burns, ulcers, bed sores, etc. In case of diabetes, light therapy is not enough, lifestyle changes are also needed!
  • Acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes simplex and zoster, superficial bacterial infections, mucosal lesions.
  • In case of inflammation of the face and forehead, earaches of various origins.
  • These types of skin conditions are very common, most people have already experienced one or more of them during their lifetime. Although most diseases are not life-threatening, the pain experienced at that time had a negative impact on your quality of life. Bioptron light therapy reduces pain and its intensity.

No contraindications, no known side effects!