What the Dr. Josef Jonáš developed

"Managed and controlled" method of detoxification method can offer?


The overloaded immune system can not recognize the toxins, so does not fight against them. Thus, the entire body can be overloaded.

 The body carries the load toxins asymptomatically for a long time, but over time, appears in general symptoms and illnesses (allergies, eczema, urinary, digestive, circulatory problems, and so on).

 In addition, large proportions of the toxins even in the fetal life are organically integrated into the body. This is reflected in the increasing levels of infant and toddler age diseases.

 We can also mention that the load toxins are the underlying reason for infertility which interfere with proper hormones, affect the immune system, and inhibit the female body energy balance.

 The current frequency of incriminating heavy metals, radioactivity, electro smog, chemicals, and of course psychic toxins, such as stress, anxiety, despair ...All of these lifeless toxins disrupt the body tissue balance and form a breeding ground for germs. The microorganisms can encapsulate meaning that can form a nodule from which - with its metabolites – continuously poison the body.


We need to know!

There is no better detoxification process that our own immune system can do!

This is the essence and the principle of Dr. Jonas’s method. The herbal-resonators provide in cooperation with the body’s immune system the healing effect.

 Description of the method developed by Dr. Josef Jonáš

·          Voll operating principles Salvia-measuring instrument to measure the body condition

·          identifiable borne toxins (eg, Borrelia, Chlamydia, HPV, and lifeless: emotions, vaccine residues, salts, heavy metals, radiation, chemicals ...)

 ·          Searc for and to clean the infecting nodules

·         Can be masured the required sulotion for detoxication as body needed

·          Specifically designed herbal-resonators can be purchased in the form of drops (organs, toxins, nodules)

·          Two months later, the cleaning processes can be verified and further steps are required by the body can be determined.


What is different in the Dr. Jonas Method of detoxification?

·          managed and controlled (Salvia meter)

·          specifically developed "Joalis' products (toxins / bodies / nodules direction) provide solutions

·          individual (measured instrumentally)

·          load the body indicates the exact location of the cause, and nodules, if any

·          the body selects the right solution

·          the "five elements" to select the most effective detoxification route

·          does not overload the body

·          detects opens and cleanses the nodule

 ·           most difficult to clean (central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous system, eyes...)

·          can also detect and detoxify psychological burden

·          institutional research to ensure the continued development of the methodology

Each product has been authorized by National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science. (NIFN) 


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