Healing in the 21th century


The SCIO system is an investment in the future:

The system SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) 19 channels to measure the bio-energetic data from the client's body, then these data to sort and prioritize. The current multi-channel measurement electrode 12 helps. This method is accurate and precise picture of the client's overall health status. Thus, the therapist's diagnosis and treatment did not affect the client's energy system. The SCIO system including auto-meridian therapy, chakra therapy, ie, scalar, Rife therapy works with auto-trivector, color, music, bio-resonance, spine and therapy.

Measuring capacity

The SCIO system on a single test for more than 65 million bits of information analyzed. The therapist at the end of treatment and a further forty sixteen electrical parameters measurement information data received by the test client. The traditional methods of working with a therapist for months that it would require an incredible amount of data analysis. The SCIO system is 40 years of experience in bio-resonance medicine for you!

Handshake with the machine ("Claps - Effect")

The SCIO system forms a cybernetic feedback connection to the client. It works like a client greeting "shake hands" with the computer, which then automatically searches for the client and execute the personalized therapy - all in eliminating the influence of the therapist's unconscious.

Constant feedback

Cannot be compared to any other therapy in the treatment of the client system SCIO entire period during which enhances. This ensures the uniqueness of each test and treatment.

Adapting to the client's specific needs

The SCIO system is the intensity of treatment, the different frequencies that automatically adapts to the client's needs.

The Xrroid process, which is responsive to biological testing means, and allows the operator a few minutes to test a sample of 12,000 material frequency client.

The SCIO system was developed in Hungary by Prof Bill Nelson, for the bioelectric field of medicine and bio-resonance therapy during a 20 years of research,. The SCIO system is able to detect early changes in the body, and immediately corrects it, so the disease will not develop. The times are over when the doctor only after symptoms have developed is able to respond to the disease.

Programs  and therapies

Autofocus therapy

The autofocus techniques were also developed by Professor Nelson. The point is that while people have different physiology or pathology harmonizing effect on the body of frequencies, the SCIO measures the responses of the system for this show. The biofeedback machine through a therapeutic setting is automatically adjusted, so the program for each client individually adapted to prevailing health situation. The body showed any reaction of the frequency pattern, SCIO therapy modifies the selected system. The SCIO system of treatment options without intervention of the therapist's own focus.

The "virtual” doctor

The client is a precise measure of reaction to different substances, which may be parasitic viruses, bacteria, homeopathic remedies, allergens, and many other combinations. Can not decide which client to propose a homeopathic medicine? No problem! Individual body parts show you the proper and optioning potential substance. Let the SCIO system to decide which client needs protection. This is especially great advantage of the system, as available to everyone needs.

3 D test system

The Risk Profile

The risk profile (ie, risk characteristics) after testing shows the disorder to be treated: indicates 40 different risk of value. The highest value indicates the highest factor at present.

This option allows the therapist an accurate assessment of potential hazards. They are linked to the risk profile of the eating disorder marked peculiarity dark area energy analysis, spinal analysis, and special detoxifying treatments that may include psychological load. This is a professional tool to a client in a given moment, to assess the exact state of health!

Cybernetic link

The SCIO system is unique cybernetic connections to measure the speed of biological reactions, the energetics of the current differences in measurement. This swing in the energy of the machine automatically adjusts the values when they detect a deviation from normal.

Main programs

Tri-vector energy fields


This unique system will automatically filter out the body's own frequencies while measuring the exact tri vector field and thereby contribute to the greatest possible degree of maintain health and healing.

Biofeedback systemic relaxation

organ analysis

The voltage, amperage and resistance allows the relationship between three-dimensional representation of information in each test. Thus, holographic effect is reached, which allows the body's energy system, in all material depicted in three dimensions. Thousands and thousands of different materials are stored and analyzed the potency of the electrical system. The three-dimensional inspection system is to determine the client's response to electrical stimulation. Thus, the client's energy demand pattern and frequency accurately determined.

Electro acupuncture meridian program:

System is well known that the frequency of the acupuncture points and meridians to harmonize. Rife frequency or audio system is a system in which the client (and bodies’ organ systems) polarity automatically stimulates and harmonizes.


Color, music therapy:

Notes client for the best music and the color or the client through the use in frequency therapy.

Scalar Therapy:

This program is managed by hormonal endocrine system and chakras’s vibration.

Homeopathic Activation:


More than 3,000 homeopathic and crystal vibrations is available, which may apply individually for each client.

Energy spine analysis

Individual vertebrae or spine energy level disturbances and psychosomatic organ evaluated.

About mind - Various NLP applications

Brain wave analysis:

Brain and Hamer therapy

An allergy test screen

The screen test for allergies (allergy testing through almost 300) on the client shows the reaction of different allergens, environmental allergens in food allergens. The parent allergy groups in the green box are below. The numbers indicate the client's reactions. The more you see a red number to the therapist, the more vulnerable the client's health is. All allergens to which the client responded, once again testing the machine, in order to obtain confirmation of the results.

Nutrition Analysis

This screen shows the client’s condition related to vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Incase if any deficiencies or toxic load shown then they are specifically addressed.

Dentistry and jaw (Biological Dentistry)

The program of the jaw, teeth and dentures, respectively and the associated meridians disturbance are shown. Testing of dental materials and hubs, as well as other problems related to these organs. The high degree of reaction is not necessarily a sign of decay, but this section of the power flows and possibly an entire organ system related to the disturbance, which is the SCIO system, will be harmonized prophylactic!

The test at the end of the machine represents a different client testing materials (pathogens, drugs, allergens, etc.). Color distribution of reaction, indicated by the number of values. The SCIO is the only system in the world, with more than 50 different bioenergetics combines analytical and therapeutic procedures.

The treatments to this form of thousands of clients around the world have a high degree of success in therapy is carried out. Naturopathic physician and for all - who re-open the SCIO system can become an indispensable tool for clients to further in-depth investigation and successful treatment.

Our body has 73 to 77 trillion cells, each of which has an average of 7,000 chemical reaction takes place every second. The metabolic process at that degree of complexity requires a high level of organization. The internal communication and signal transduction pathways by examining the research dealt with electromagnetic bio-communication. The bioinformatics accessible to the appropriateness of specific internal signals and thus had to develop a device in which the body's biological subsystem specified window (signaling channel) is adjustable. In order to avoid resonance with de-compensated body parts (which we call disease) electro technology special need. The development of this technology, researchers have developed a lot over the past decade. Nearly one hundred are very similar system was released. Outstanding among the many systems of the SCIO, which the man and the universe, space and time, the soul and the energy, the physical body, the ancient philosophies and modern medicine as the basic wealth of information included. The disease / so the nicotine is / in the cells, the molecular changes which will be created. The body was first experienced in the lesions. A similar process as when the Ships at Sea, although we straight, but swept away by the currents, it is sometimes necessary to lighthouses or map and compass that can be corrected in the right direction. The system is one such method: a compass for the organization. The billions of cells have already been measured values show a computer inside our operations, and the appropriate ones for the differences. The body of complex signals from the system receives; the computer will recognize the differences and the realities of the return signals with healthy body. The method is unique because the person's own, internal / endogenous / signs of use, and to observe the changes, so the optimal effect on the internal processes, and it has no side effects. The system is unique or can be used during pregnancy. Not excluded from the pacemaker in the care of patients with epilepsy or schizophrenic not. In all cases, targeted therapies, and can not be over-or under-treated.

Is it possible to take drugs for treatment?

Yes, of course, does not immediately leave it! In this case, the physician must often turn to control the effect, so far as possible in order to reduce (or leave) the drug dose. No cross-action because the devices are effective at biophysical, biochemical level, while the drugs.

The devices are non invasive, ie, only offered in the Bio-appropriate, to gain access to the organization's IT backlog.

The history and development of the system

The physics of Newton, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkins' non-linear with the “staging” of the quantum theory was quickly superseded by time. Then well-known innovators in electronics basics, such as Volta, Ampere and Ohm transposed in the biological sciences. Various scholarly circles, such as. Royal Rife, and supportive of the frequency electrical energy to a new level, the study of materials with different electrical properties studied. These studies eventually led to the conclusion that all materials specific electrical frequencies, respectively. Vibration states: thus, all material in all other material specific electrical properties distinguished.

Dr. Reinhard Voll in the fifties was a pioneer in the science of bio-resonance. In Germany, under the leadership of this theory is further developed. Voll many other researches, the electrical energy of a study on the human body took over. Previous research has also show that some of the material properties change, as the currents of different intensity has been transferred just as a high frequency can break a glass, a special resonant frequency by increasing the frequency will be able to destroy disease pathogens. In a similar manner it is possible to human body tissue to support and strengthen the purpose of maintaining health. On the basis of how the cells react to different electrical frequencies, physiological changes can also be recognized in time.

As this method became apparent in the healing role, took shape in the way of this new medicine and the healing of society has been divided: some thought that they could change the world, while others prefer the new technology, political and economic benefits they saw.

Those doctors and researchers, who were front line of the new movement, were subjected to strong political pressure. In spite of everything, however, they continued their research and began work on the new method, bioelectric. The longer the new medicine could not be ignored.

Hungarian source : http://www.medscio.hu


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