A few words about me

I am Agnes Yom-Tov, a certified natural healer and therapist.

I practice Auricular Acupuncture Addiction Treatments – (NADA). In addition, that is actually closest to my heart, Quantum bio-cybernetic treating and managing stress with bio-resonance. I like to combine bio-resonance with Schüssler mineral salts treatment, that is based on facial diagnosis. The different treatments very well complete each other.

I use BEMER magnetic Bio-resonance since many years for the improvement of my family’s health also for severe pain and to enhance the microcirculation of the body.

I treat myself and my family since years, basically trying to look at everything with a holistic approach.

A positive attitude and a smile is extremely important in my life.


I got in touch with the bio-resonance testing about 15 years ago, when I was searching for the solution for my own health problems and to stop the never-ending antibiotic treatments.

Quantum bio-resonance (SCIO) device has made a precise and concise testing of my condition and I could reach the root of the problems.

By this time I went to see a lot of doctors, each of them approached to me as a patient from their field of expertise. In Western medicine they try to indentify the disease based on the symptoms. SCIO with its 21st century technology is trying to treat the symptoms of the real reasons which is a huge difference as to the results.

This method has also been proven at many times to me, and the principle is that I use only those methods and dietary supplements that I have tried and proven to be really effective for me. 

I look forward to assist you in solving your physical and psychological problems.

I can be consulted on the following medical issues:

- measuring acidity as an indicator of chronic, degenerative and allergic diseases (Acid-base conditions).
- Level of Geopatic stress (natural radiation), detection of electro-smog. (Electrical equipment, cables, mobile phone, computer, etc.).
- Fungal Test (e.g. Candida) Detection of man-made hazards.
- Bach Flower Test application (psychosomatic relations search) that affect the disease, treatment of underlying mental states.
- Chemical elements in stress test, detection of toxic and deficiency states.
- Homeopathic treatment and to
- Mineral salts (Dr. Schüssler's homeopathy), vitamin tests, the detection excess and absence of those, and therapy.
- Dental Testing Program – searching for the focus of cause, amalgam stress, dental materials incompatibility testing, and egress, etc..
- Nosoda Test can detect traces of previous diseases.

- Chakra Test and Therapy
- Meridian Test and Therapy
- NLP - Neuro-linguistic Program – releasing of all negative emotional factor
- Dissolving panic disorder
- Food supplement testing
- Degeneration Test - Hamer - degenerative lesions, precancerous conditions, cancer proneness - screening, testing, mental causes of loosening

- All types of pain: nerve pain, neuralgia, cancer-related pain, pre-and post-operative pain.
- Wounds heal faster: post-operative treatment of wound.

- Allergy elimination
- Activate the lymphatic system
- Immune system strengthening
- Support for Detoxification
- Elimination of insomnia
- Smoking cessation

- Epilepsy
- Pacemaker
- Large metal implants
- Acute infectious febrile diseases other than influenza
- Pregnancy - first trimester 


Other services